Foods To Give To Your Pet To Maintain Optimal Dog Health

Consuming foods that are nutritious guarantee that it will lead to a healthy body and mind. In an effort to maintain our tip-top condition, we have to be sure that we’re feeding our body with adequate amount of minerals, vitamins and several other essential nutrients daily. Eating junk foods regularly will do nothing good in our body instead, it will only increase the risk of health problems and at the same time, affect our energy levels.

This is applicable not just to us humans but to our pets as well. Nature is so generous that it has given foods to keep humans as well as animals alike to be in their optimal health condition. Just keep in mind to introduce these foods slowly to the regular diet of your dog or perhaps, as a treat until they become used to eating it.

Number 1. Carrots – such is also packed with essential nutrients that are guaranteed to benefit dog health in many ways. It’s rich in vitamins A, C as well as K, phytonutrients and beta carotene. It is supporting heart, eye, teeth and lung health for dogs, help maintain healthy set of teeth, improve eyesight and even lower risk of heart disease.

Number 2. Broccoli – deemed to be among the healthiest foods, broccoli is without a doubt a super food with regards to nutrients. It’s guaranteed to be a nice source for vitamin B2 and B6, C, E as well as K, phosphorus, fiber, folate, chromium, manganese and more. It is providing lots of health benefits for your dog’s eyes, skin, heart, aid in digestion and detoxification, repairing damaged skin and even fight off cancer.
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Number 3. Blueberries – a good treat alternative for your dog’s health is blueberries. In fact, this is loaded with fiber as well as antioxidant that support heart and brain health. Aside from that, they are helping to maintain healthy blood sugar level and at the same time, aiding in digestion. Not only that, blueberries are great for dogs that are highly active as they’re known to be a great energy booster.
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Number 4. Spinach – as for this food, it contains adequate amount of flavonoids and carotenoids known to lower the risk of cancer in pets and prevent inflammation as well. It is additionally rich in fiber, iron and vitamin K while supporting heart and bone heath in your pets.

Number 5. Fish oil – foods that contain natural fish oil similar to salmon is great source of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which are known to cure allergies in canines effectively. Moreover, it is capable of adding shine to the coat of your pet, reduce scratching and itching and reduce inflammation as well as arthritis.