The Most Common Documents To Have Analyzed By A Handwriting And Signature Forensic Investigator

When a person disappears without notice or is suspected of illegal activities, it is important to act fast to determine the cause of the issue. One of the most overlooked areas is the written content that is produced before a person’s disappearance or after they are arrested for illegal activities. A private investigator that conducts handwriting and signature analysis can determine whether the writing on a document is real, or if it has been fabricated to help throw police off the tracks of a criminal.


Many individuals keep a diary or journal to help document their life, and a criminal can use this against a person by placing false entries in their journal that can be used to incriminate them. A forensic handwriting analyzer can determine whether a document is falsified, which can be used to help prove a person’s innocence or that wrongdoing took place. Be sure to disclose all information to a private investigator so they can complete and thorough investigation.

Wills And Estate Documents

Many family members falsify wills and other documents in hopes that they can inherit a greater amount of money in the event of a person’s death. While it is illegal, it can be extremely easy, and leave the rest of the family without their fair share. An investigator can analyze the handwriting to determine who wrote the document and prove that a person was either forced to write the will or that another family member falsified the document.

Threatening Letters

It can be terrifying to receive threatening letters and causes many people to worry about their safety. Often, the police won’t act fast unless they feel that a real threat exists. For this reason, many individuals choose to hire a private investigator who can determine where the letters originated from, and provide … Read More ...

The Appropriate Lawyer Can Help You Receive More Funds Following A Major Accident

Catastrophic incidents typically leave somebody with irreparable injuries that transform his or her life entirely. These kinds of accidents could suggest an individual can’t work as well as could need to have significant amounts of health care down the road. It really is essential for a person to make sure they’ll consult with a lawyer soon after an accident like this to be able to make certain they’re going to acquire the full amount of compensation they will require.

The compensation an individual should really acquire ought to be more than just what’s required to cover their existing medical bills from the incident. The settlement really should furthermore consist of funds to be able to handle future medical bills along with lost wages. If perhaps the person won’t be capable of going back to their job, the amount they’ll receive for lost income alone might be a tremendous amount of cash. The insurance carrier will almost certainly make an effort to lessen exactly how much they’re going to pay for a settlement, so an individual should not take the very first offer they are presented. Instead, they are going to need to make contact with an attorney who will likely be able to help them get the total sum they are entitled to.

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